About Me

My Story as a Native Artist

My Legacy

Growing up as a Western Shoshone Indian in Northern Nevada, I lived in what is known as "Indian Country." As an adult, I found solace in photography, which served as a therapeutic escape from the stresses of my job as a social worker on my reservation. Through my lens, I capture the stories of my people, my culture and the land that we have called home for generations. My photography is a tribute to my ancestors, who have walked these lands long before me. I aim to showcase the beauty of our traditions and the resilience of our people, who have faced countless challenges over the years. I strive to capture the essence of my community and to preserve its rich heritage for future generations.  

Through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own cultural identities and to appreciate the diversity of the world around us. My passion for photography has led me to document the unfiltered allure of contemporary indigenous landscapes, particularly within my Western Shoshone Reservation. My photographs aim to showcase the simplicity of life for those who still reside there, as well as the untamed Native spirit that still thrives within the land.

Thank you for supporting this legacy project to preserve the history of my people and the places they have lived for future generations. 

West Linn Artist Interview